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Get your spring going! Join us for Artist-led dance classes and workshops.

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DEEPLY EXTERNAL AND INTERNAL (SHIZU HOMMA) TUESDAY, APRIL 18TH, 8-930PM; THURSDAY, APRIL 20TH, 6-7PM; TUESDAY, APRIL 25TH, 11AM-1230PM; THURSDAY, APRIL 27TH, 11AM-1230PM - $15 per class or 50 for 4 classes In "Deeply External and Internal" the warm up is both a mental and physical warmup, drawn from my studies and practices of Noguchi Taiso, Bodyweather, and Jinen Butoh. The exercises are rigorous, with variations for participants with physical limits. Afterwards the class will evolve into forms that I have practiced from Jinen Butoh, Harupin Ha's methods taught to me by Corinna Hiller, and other imagery work that I learned from Moeno Wakamatsu, Daisuke Yoshimoto, Ko Murobushi, and other teachers. Partnering exercises, improvisation practice and witnessing, and if the weather permits, outside explorations will also be incorporated. Participants should wear clothing that is comfortable to move in, layers are recommended. Dancers and non dancers are welcome.

INTRO TO CLASSICAL INDIAN & BOLLYWOOD DANCE (SAPNA PATIL) TUESDAY, APRIL 18TH, 6-7PM & THURSDAY, APRIL 27TH, 6-7PM - $20 PER CLASS OR $30 FOR BOTH CLASSES This class will introduce 2 styles of indian dancing – Indian classical and Bollywood dance. The type of indian classical dance will be Bharat Natyam, which is one of the oldest forms of traditional Indian classical dance and consists of intricate hand gestures and footwork. Students will understand the history of the dance, as well as be able to perform both indian classical and Bollywood moves to an upbeat Bollywood song. Not only will this be a great workout, but also a great way to expose artists and students to a cultural and a unique dance technique experience. Both classes will have a similar format but will be teaching different routines to another song.

DISCOVERING DEPTHS IN DYNAMICS (SAMMI PFEIFFER) TUESDAY, APRIL 18TH, 7-8PM & TUESDAY, APRIL 25TH, 730-830PM - $10 PER CLASS Description: Material is a fusion of contemporary, modern, and pedestrian movement. The hour-long class consists of a warm-up and a combination; the objective is to push students to explore dynamics and the clarity with which they move.

TECNICA CUBANA/AFRO CUBAN MODERN DANCE WORKSHOP W/ LIVE PERCUSSION (LEILANI) WEDNESDAY, APRIL 19TH 7-830PM - $15 PER CLASS Relatively obscure in the United States due to the infamous Cuban embargo, Afro-Cuban Modern dance or "Tecnica Cubana" is a unique blend of North American modern technique (Duncan, Graham, Limón) and European ballet (Ballet Alicia Alonso) with social and sacred Afro-Cuban traditions. The class will start with a warm-up focused on contraction and release techniques and undulation exercises, followed by across-the-floor and choreographed combinations. This class focuses on mastering the control and isolation of particular muscles in the body, allowing students to take command of their body movements. It will also help students build confidence and develop a new avenue for self-expression, in addition to improving strength, flexibility, and technique.

POPULAR MUSIC VIDEO DANCE SERIES (KARMEN NICOLE) THURSDAY, APRIL 20TH & FRIDAY APRIL 21ST, 7-830PM - $15 PER CLASS | $25 FOR BOTH CLASSES Two fun workshops: Thursday 4/20: 90's Dance Video Choreography. Rewind it back to the 90's.... when every pop song had a video with amazing choreography. You know you were doing the choreo in your room while watching TRL or showing them off at school - because you were the only one who had it nailed, obvi. I will guide you through a fierce 90's pop warm up and then provide the class with options of what fun 90's video to learn. Because it's a democracy. Friday 4/21: Beyonce. Must any more be said? This class will channel Queen Bey herself from stretches to warm up and ultimately learning choreo from one of her popular videos. Feel free to bring sneaks OR heels, but please don't forget your sass. ALL CLASSES WELCOME ANY AGE AND SKILL LEVEL

GENEROUS PERFORMANCE-MAKING (MIRA TREATMAN) SUNDAY, APRIL 23RD, 10AM - 2PM - $10 WORKSHOP (No one turned away for lack of funds) In "Generous Performance-Making" you'll engage with other performers in a theoretical playground. There will be space to test dance hypotheses in a literally and figuratively open studio. This is a workshop for thinking bodies to discover the bridge between a studio practice and performance. There will be ample amounts of time allotted for reflection, discussion and writing. Bring water, snacks and writing supplies.

MUSICALITY & STYLING FOR LATIN DANCING (LEILANI & MICHAEL) WEDNESDAY, APRIL 26TH, 7-830PM - $10 PER CLASS Understanding and moving to the music is the key to dancing well! This workshop is intended for salsa and Cuban dancers of all levels. We will emphasize styling and movement techniques inspired by Afro-Cuban folkloric dances and traditional Cuban social dances. We will also break down the music to its fundamental components and explain how you can align your movement to better fit the music. You will never listen or move to Latin music the same way again!

WHY STOP MOVING ONCE WE START? (KEILA CORDOVA) SATURDAY, APRIL 29TH, 4-6PM - $10 PER CLASS Sometimes it feels like there’s just not enough time to dance! We’re going to gather and build a series of locomotions where we dance - dancers and non-dancers alike - to eclectic music and build a community with our actions. Let’s explore weight, balance, physics and movement ideas of how bodies can dance together, exchange energy and build a collective strength of reliance.